Meigui fruit paste

Ingredients: rose blossom extract, oligosaccharides, stachiosis and others, however, contains no sugar

Package contents: a 120 g tube

Expiration date: 18 months from the production date

Storage: in a dry and cool place

Fohow Corporation performed the research that led to the production of Meigui fruit paste (originally named rose oligosaccharides). Oligosaccharides are insoluble organic compounds, classified as carbohydrates (saccharides), which are also called prebiotics. The stomach does not digest them, and certain intestinal bacteria (such as Escherichia coli) do not dissolve them. Oligosaccharides play an important role in the human intestine by providing favorable conditions for intestinal micro flora to develop, feeding the beneficial probiotic bacteria and stimulating their growth. Recent research proved that oligosaccharides are able to directly remove dangerous bacteria and viruses from the organism. Oligosaccharide molecules attach to the membrane proteins of microbes in the intestine and hold the microbes to prevent their absorption into the walls of the intestine. This way dangerous viruses and bacteria are eliminated from the intestine along with the oligosaccharides. Further oligosaccharides can attach malignant E. coli enterotoxica bacteria, which stick to the intestine walls and cause diarrhea, and remove them from the organism. Oligosaccharides are found in artichokes, chicory, leeks, onions, asparagus and  burdock leaves. They are also present in breast milk.

The concept of probiotics may have only appeared ten years ago, but clinical trials have proven their significance to health. Probiotics are mainly oligosaccharides that provide conditions for probiotic intestinal bacteria to develop. A sufficient amount of prebiotics feeds probiotic bacteria so they may multiply. In effect oligosaccharides balance the intestinal micro flora, which subsequently ensures intestinal health. A sufficient amount of oligosaccharides in the organism strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism and removes toxins from the digestive tract much faster – most important following treatment with antibiotics to regulate the mineral balance.

Oligosaccharides are the new sugars influencing healthcare, which are pleasant tasting and show obvious effects for good health. It may be regularly used as a sugar substitute. Best – it is affordable. The elderly and children find it to be an indispensable healthcare product.

Bifid bacteria are the most typical in beneficial human micro flora, performing micro-biological regulation. They stimulate food absorption in the intestine, strengthen immunity, prevent illnesses, slow pathogenic micro-flora growth and decay bacteria in the intestine amongst other functions.


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