Welcome and congratulations for showing interest in the Fohow Marketing Scheme

The Fohow Corporation, the largest of it‘s kind in China, is dedicated to produce health-enhancing products using the most effective natural substances, then applying the latest production methods based on nano-technologies to effectively extract the vital ingredients and manufacture products that have the maximum impact on the human body.

For that reason many people are attracted to Fohow initially because of the great products, but then discover that there is the possibility to also do great business.

As a user of Fohow products you may build your health and prevent many common illnesses, which is fantastic! But also, if you build a marketing structure, you have possibility to gain much more – the wealth for you and your family.

The marketing is customer centered i.e. everyone is a customer, not salesman (or woman). There is only one price, no trade or retail markups, and marketers are paid by bonuses.

How to get started

  1. Fohow offer their products as small scale bulk buying. To be a partner (or customer) you sign and buy a contract for 330  PV (or ‘points‘, the actual monetary value will vary according to country currency and corporation pricing policy, at the time of writing this is about 360 euros).
  2. You are then registered with the company, allocated a company number, and you can monitor your progress online.
  3. In addition the marketing is collective. That means any products bought are counted as your business, in 330 PV contract or business places, then you sign other people under you.
  4. There are no limits of time, you can work at your own speed, the company summarizes all your contracts and you can view them online and calculate your position at any time.
  5. In your Fohow structure, no-on under you can ever be equal to or even overtake you, you will allways be paid according to the number contracts under you (bonuses depend on the number of new contracts there), if you meet some simple requirements, you will allways be paid. Bonuses are paid four times a month.
  6. Note bonuses are quoted in euros currently as we come under the European wing of the Corporation.


Would you like know more? We are ready to answer any questions.

Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+370 61523825

Skype name: vieversiukas4

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