Toothpaste with cordyceps

This is the latest product developed by the team at the Fohow Science Research Institute.
The toothpaste contains cordyceps, linchzhi extract, plant glycosides and phenol. This is toothpaste with a dual effect essentially improving the condition of the entire mouth cavity.
•    Prevents bacteria from forming – the plant glycosides with phenol destroy harmful microbes in the mouth cavity, cleans out any possible parasites and lessens repeated microbe reproduction.
•    Prophylactically strengthens teeth – the cordyceps and linchzhi extracts combined with other plant ingredients assists in the prevention of bleeding gums, mouth sores, periodontitis, bad breath, aching gums and caries.
•    Cleanses the mouth cavity – the cordyceps and linchzhi extracts combined with other plant glycosides and phenol effectively clean your teeth and mouth, prevent the spread of microbes and help maintain healthy teeth.
•    Other features – the paste can be used to heal scars and mouth sores and effectively aid the treatment of throat infections. On mosquito bites, it eliminates itching and swelling. The toothpaste heals feet dermatitis, swelling and sweating.
Highly economical – a dab the size of a pea is sufficient for one use.
One tube contains 140 g toothpaste.


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