Health socks

Highly scientific development of the company FOHOW a unique blend of the latest achievements in the field of textiles, materials science, medicine, biology, etc. By means of absorption and regulation of the natural world, the product is continuously generates magnetic light waves (rays of life) with a wavelength of 4-14 microns. In normal human body temperature, linen absorbs and regulates the energy from the environment and constantly sends it to the human body, so the cells are activated and the water molecules in the body, improves local blood circulation, increases metabolism and normal immune function. Modern user-friendly design: the product is manufactured using the latest technologies in design and fashion, taking into account the comfort and health during wear.

Dehumidification and air:
Through the use of high-tech nano-materials, functional socks Fohow produce negative ions (anions), which accelerates the action of air exchange in the legs, feet can “breathe” and maintains the state of ease and comfort.

The function of massage:
Functional health socks FOHOW produce infrared light with a wavelength of 4-14 microns, which, acting on the legs, stimulate blood circulation and stimulates the BAT, relieve tired legs, increase immunity and resistance. If you are wearing a static foot massage, the product has obvious curative effect in the auxiliary patoloicheskih changes galenostopnogo joints, swollen phenomena, vasculitis, and others, removes pain and aching in the legs.

Antibacterial effects:
Functional health socks FOHOW produce anions inhibit the growth of bacteria, eliminate odor, keep feet dry, effective for excessive sweating feet, pustules on the legs, bad feet, the formation of cracks, etc., remain comfortable and dry feet.

Use of health socks FOHOW in conjunction with the “system healthy sleep FOHOW” has a bright, obvious effect.

Contraindications: bleeding (bleeding tendency), hyperactive thyroid, active tuberculosis, early stroke.


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