Gaoqian nutritional tablets

Gaoqian is a natural health care product providing supplementary nutrition. It is also recommended to people suffering from hyperlipemia, hypertonia, hyperglycemia and excessive weight. This excellent, high quality product cleanses the organism and restores it to a fit condition. The group of experts who developed this product works at Ju De, the Healthy nutrition products scientific research institute, which is a subsidiary of the Fohow Corporation. Cherish life and nutrition – this is the motto of traditional Chinese philosophy guiding the work of our professional employees.

Ingredients: konjak flour, chitosan, spirulina, food fibers from different fruits and vegetables

Package contents: 144 tablets, 0.7 grams each

Expiration date: 18 months from production date


The main ingredients and their effects are:

Konjak flour reduces fat, sugar and cholesterol in the blood, thereby eliminating toxicity and its consequences – this is the main preventive and curing effect of Konjak. It is used for treating malignant tumors and for suppressing the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract. Overweight people and constipation sufferers enjoy the distinctly excellent effect of this food. Furthermore it is used for its preventive and supplementary curative effects in cases of tumorous diseases of the intestine, digestive tract and other organs. Konjak is exceptionally rich in unique nutrients. Research data shows that 100 grams of Konjak tuber contains up to 50 grams of Konjak glucomanan (KGM), glucose, fructose and cane sugar. Recent research has discovered that the KGM found in Konjak effectively reduces the amount of sugar in patients suffering from diabetes. In moist surroundings, the volume of Konjak swells by more than 30 times! Thus, when using tablets containing Konjak, a person feels full and does not want to eat for an extended time.

Chitosan is the only natural polysaccharide of an alkaline nature, which is important in physiological functions. Chitosan is a type of food fiber because it enters and remains in the human body practically unabsorbed. Thus it regulates the digestive tract and improves its functioning, regenerates gastric mucous membranes and thereby prevents such difficulties. Chitosan strengthens the immune system, suppresses cancer cell growth, lowers blood pressure and reduces the amount of sugar and lipid in the blood. Chitosan actively eliminates fats, toxins and heavy metals by combining with them before it is excreted through the intestine. It aids in preventing obesity and cardiovascular and brain blood vessel diseases.

Plant fiber is large molecule cellulose. Just like Chitosan, it occupies more space in the digestive tract, creates the feeling of being full, decreases appetite and thereby helps to lose weight. When consumed with meals, it stimulates intestine peristalsis and digestive juice secretion, making it a suitable means for preventing diabetes and constipation. It aids jell formation in the intestine from soluble cellulose, which slows sugar assimilation in the intestine and considerably reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. An abundant amount of fiber helps the micro flora of the large intestine to produce many vitamins and to excrete pathogenic toxins through the digestive tract.

Spirulina is a well-known, natural, green seaweed – a champion among ecologically pure products for its concentration of amino acids, vitamins and microelements. The organism assimilates 95% of this seaweed, since it does not have cells with strong molecular walls. Of all natural products, Spirulina contains the greatest amount of protein – actually 65%! WHO data confirm the protective effect of Spirulina on the human organism from almost two-thirds of all diseases. Additionally this valuable seaweed contains a very rare element among vegetables – phytocianine – which stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

The foods we eat are not nutritionally balanced. Cellular hunger is evermore intense, and obesity usually follows, when a person consumes foods with many calories but few nutritional elements. Seaweed, especially micro seaweed, is very important for our health because it provides our organism with valuable and vital elements. Plus it is a low-calorie product promising to eliminate the most serious health problems of our times.

Within the organism, fiber starts to soak up moisture, expands, swells and enlarges the volume of the intestine. This process helps to soften the excrement mass enabling its elimination more easily and quickly. At the same time, this process stimulates intestinal peristalsis and reduces stasis. Thus the chances of the intestine to absorb toxins are reduced. Further Chitosan attaches to toxins and heavy metals thusly permitting their excretion from the organism while leaving the intestine moist. The treatment of constipation and hemorrhoids is greatly enhanced.

Food has become more refined recently, as living standards have generally improved. Our meals tend to contain less nutritious fibers. High-calorie foods with many proteins, fats and carbohydrates lead to obesity, diabetes, heart dysfunctions, hypertonia and other diseases in a great many people. Scientists have noted such facts and developed Gaoqian nutritional tablets. They assist in providing the organism with sufficient nutrition and excreting numerous harmful substances, toxins and fat surpluses.

“Regeneration” and “Cleansing” – the two functions one product provides!

Recommended duration of use:

For weight loss, use up to 8 tablets, twice a day, half an hour before a meal, washed down with no less than one glass of warm water.

As a preventive measure, take a tablet half an hour before a meal (e.g., before eating fatty food), up to 4 tablets, twice a day.

Note: Smaller doses can be used in the beginning of a treatment, because a positive result is often achieved when using smaller amounts of this product.

Length of use: no less than 2 weeks, however, when necessary, the treatment course can be considerably extended.


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